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Gifts to Give to Chemo & Cancer Patients

Gift baskets for cancer patients, filled with practical and heartfelt gifts, are a great gift idea for chemo and cancer patients. Discover some of the best items to put in your chemo care package, including comfort gifts for chemo patients to help them through this difficult time.

What to Include in Your Gift Baskets for Cancer Patients

Including a mix of practical and comfort gifts for chemo patients is a great idea when putting together your care package. Let’s start with practical items cancer patients can use whether they are at the hospital or home.


Practical Gifts for Cancer Patients

A Robe

It’s no secret that disposable hospital gowns are not the most comfortable things to wear all day. Plus, they leave little to the imagination with their open backs. While some cancer patients may be required to wear this attire, they can also wear a comfortable robe over top of their hospital gown for increased comfort, warmth, and privacy. This makes a great gift for your cancer care package.


Grip Socks

Fuzzy, comfortable hospital grip socks are a must for cancer patients. Grip socks make it easy for patients to move around their hospital room or house without the fear of falling. And since the socks hospitals give aren’t cute, cozy, or comfortable, including a nice pair of high-quality grip socks in your gift baskets for cancer patients is a great idea.


A Beanie or Head Scarf

Most cancer patients going through chemo have lost their hair or are going to at some point during treatment. This makes a beanie or head scarf a great addition to your chemo care package. Make sure you choose a beanie with soft material so it’s warm and comfortable to wear.


A Personal Hospital Gown

Hospital gowns are helpful for patients staying at the hospital. They provide a comfortable, personal alternative to traditional hospital gowns, but are designed so all treatment can still be given without interruption.


Warm Sleeves

A unique and practical gift to include in your cancer care package is an arm sleeve. Hospital gowns don’t do much for keeping patients warm. Plus, a warm, cozy sleeve also hides IVs and keeps them from catching on to things.


A Tote Bag

While you can purchase an actual basket to put all of these gifts for cancer patients in, you may also consider putting them in a tote bag. A reusable tote bag is perfect for carrying items to and from the hospital for both long stays and short visits for chemo treatment. Not only does it make a great gift bag, but the bag itself is a gift for chemo patients.


Heartfelt Gifts for Cancer Patients

A Journal with Pens

Cancer patients spend a lot of time at the hospital, whether for hours-long chemo treatments, tests, or checkups. So, include a journal and nice pens in your gift baskets for cancer patients.


Puzzle and Game Books

Games books, such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or Mad Libs are fun to do while receiving cancer treatment. If you know the person has visitors often, consider including games to play with others, like a deck of cards or Monopoly Deal.


Books or Tablet

Interesting books are a great item to include in your gift baskets for cancer patients. If your budget allows, you may also consider purchasing a Kindle or other type of tablet. This way, your loved one can read a variety of books without them stacking up in their hospital room or having to wait for someone to bring them a new one.


Finding the Right Comfort Gifts for Chemo Patients

The people who know the best gifts for cancer patients are those who have spent a lot of time in hospitals themselves. That’s why all of our include practical gifts they will rely on to find peace during recovery. Find the perfect gifts for chemo patients and put together a cancer care package your loved one will be grateful to have during their recovery with HUGGA.


Yonathan Azran 

Yonathan is Founder and CEO of HUGGA. He was diagnosed with acute Crohn's Disease at age 7 and spent most of his young life in and out of hospitals. He recognized the critical gap in hospital care and decided to launch HUGGA, thereby revolutionizing patient wear by focusing on the actual patient experience from the patient's point of view.


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