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Hospital Outfits for Mom for a Comfortable Stay

Looking for a comfortable hospital outfit for mom or a mom-to-be? If so, HUGGA has the perfect hospital clothes for mom to cozy up in during her time away from home. Today, we’ll share four purposeful hospital clothes for moms of any age to wear for a more relaxing hospital stay.


Four Hospital Clothes For Moms of Any Age

1. Her Own Hospital Gown

Moms are notoriously good worriers. So when it comes to being away from home to endure a hospital stay, the last thing she’s probably thinking about is her own comfort. Unfortunately, the hospital issued gowns aren’t concerned about her comfort, either. 

The thin, scratchy material is just one of the cons of disposable hospital gowns. Their one-size-fits-all, easy-access design that is anything but private also makes reusable hospital gowns, well, just not good enough. That’s why the first must-have item on our list of comfortable hospital clothes for mom is her very own hospital gown from HUGGA.

The Never Give Up hospital gown gives your mom or a mom-to-be the privacy, comfort, and dependability she deserves during her stay. Made with a stretchy, soft lycra material, this gown puts privacy and comfort first, trading poorly performing cotton ties for never-fail zipper fronts, snap enclosures, and an adjustable waistline for a personalized fit and total backside coverage. 

Since this gown is hers and only hers, she won’t shudder at the thought of how many times it’s been worn before. Not to mention, moms-to-be will love how easy skin to skin contact and breastfeeding is with the zip enclosures strategically placed to expose the chest if and when needed. It’s simply the perfect mom hospital gown for new and experienced moms alike.

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2. A Comfortable Robe


Whether it’s a few days or a few weeks, mom deserves the utmost comfort and warmth during her time away from her home sweet home. What better way to give mom the comfort she craves than with a brand new robe designed with a hospital stay in mind?

The HUGGA Hotelish Hospital Robe is a soft-touch french terry robe designed to complement mom’s hospital gown while keeping her warm and cozy in the early mornings, late nights, or when traveling through the hallways to see doctors or undergo testing. Because of its mid-length design, mom will have a comfortable amount of coverage without ever needing to worry about her robe dragging on the hospital floor. This robe is a must-have for any postpartum outfit for hospital stay and the first few days or weeks at home with her favorite lounge pants and comfortable top.

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3. Safe (But Cozy) Socks

It’s no secret hospital floors are cold, but without the right footwear, hospital floors can be slippery, too. This is why hospitals issue standard grip socks with your stay, but are they really that comfortable? Regardless of why she’s there, give your mom or the mom-to-be a pair of warm, fuzzy, and safe hospital grip socks she will actually find enjoyable to wear. 

HUGGA’s plush, calf-length socks are designed with non-slip silicon button bottoms she will be happy to wear instead of exposing her favorite pair of house slippers to hospital floors.

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4. Fleece Beanie

Don’t let an uncomfortably cold hospital room keep her from getting the rest she needs to heal. HUGGA’s beanie hat for cancer patients isn’t just for those with hair loss. This fleece beanie hat offers warmth and comfort during a vulnerable time. Paired with her most comfortable sweater or fleece zip up, this hat is a perfect accessory to any “going home from hospital outfit” mom will be grateful to have, especially when the weather outside is anything but warm and inviting.

Finding the right postpartum outfit for hospital stays or going home outfits for mom after birth or surgery is more than just choosing a cute pattern, it's about comfort and functionality. That’s why at HUGGA, you’ll find that every one of our hospital outfits for mom are designed with healing in mind. Shop HUGGA today to find the functional post surgery and postpartum outfits for her upcoming hospital stay.



Yonathan Azran 

Yonathan is Founder and CEO of HUGGA. He was diagnosed with acute Crohn's Disease at age 7 and spent most of his young life in and out of hospitals. He recognized the critical gap in hospital care and decided to launch HUGGA, thereby revolutionizing patient wear by focusing on the actual patient experience from the patient's point of view.


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