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Choosing the Best Labor & Delivery Gowns

So, you’re having a baby. Congratulations! This is one of the most exciting, beautiful, and overwhelming experiences in life. It is normal to feel anxious, hopeful, scared, and happy all at the same time. When preparing to bring a child into the world, there really is a lot to do.

From preparing the nursery to packing your hospital bag to actually giving birth to everything in between, you’re a busy mom already. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is being uncomfortable at the hospital and while you’re giving birth. Although we can’t take the pain of childbirth away, we can make your experience more comfortable with the best labor and delivery gowns. Discover why standard labor gowns are not ideal for giving birth and where to find a reliable, comfortable hospital gown for labor. 


Traditional Labor and Delivery Gowns Leave Much to be Desired

While hospitals provide mother’s-to-be with a disposable maternity labor gown, they aren’t the most comfortable choice. Whether it is a disposable gown that is thrown out after use or a reusable gown that other patients have worn, there are a few key reasons a laboring mom might want another option. 

Traditional labor and delivery gowns are made with low-quality thin, scratchy material. As a mom in labor, you’re already uncomfortable enough. You don’t need your hospital gown adding to that discomfort. Additionally, hospital labor gowns don’t prioritize privacy. While doctors and nurses must be able to do their job efficiently, you don’t have to feel exposed and vulnerable for that to happen. And lastly, hospital labor and delivery gowns are chosen for you, not giving you control over what you wear while you give birth. 

Because of these reasons, wearing a maternity labor gown provided by the hospital isn’t ideal for moms about to give birth. Instead, you can wear your very own reusable labor delivery gown, not just when you give birth but throughout your entire pregnancy too.


HUGGA Labor and Delivery Gowns Offer the Perfect Solution

Now, you may be wondering how to find the best labor and delivery gown that doesn't pose the same problems as traditional hospital labor gowns. At HUGGA, we know what it’s like to be uncomfortable in a hospital bed for an extended period of time. That’s why we took all of the downfalls of traditional hospital gowns, found solutions, and designed a hospital gown for labor that moms-to-be will love.

The HUGGA Never Give Up Gown is designed with patients’ needs in mind. While in labor, you don’t spend all of your time lying in a hospital bed. To ease back pain and push through contractions, you’ll likely find yourself moving about your room. You can do this comfortably with the HUGGA gown. Whereas traditional labor gowns are made with uncomfortable material, our labor and delivery gown is made with 96% polyester and 4% lycra–a comfortable combination for easy mobility. 

Additionally, our maternity labor gown does prioritize privacy while still being easily accessible for hospital staff. Gone are the days where you have to worry about your undies showing when you stand up or walk around your room. The HUGGA labor and delivery gown has a snap enclosure and waist tie, providing total backside coverage, along with a double-sized zipper in the front for easy access when needed. 

Lastly, when you purchase a reusable hospital gown, it is yours. You don’t have to wonder about what you’re going to wear to the hospital or when you give birth. Plus, nobody else has worn it but you. The HUGGA gown is hospital grade, antimicrobial, washable, and adjustable to fit you comfortably. 


Purchase the Best Labor and Delivery Gowns for a Comfortable Hospital Stay

You can purchase your very own HUGGA labor and delivery gown today. Or, if you know a mother-to-be, consider sending her a hospital care package with our hospital gown for labor included. At HUGGA, our mission is for patients to be comfortable during their hospital stays, which is why our high-quality products extend beyond labor gowns. You can also purchase a cozy hospital robe and fuzzy hospital grip socks to make your experience the best yet. Find your favorite reusable hospital attire today



Yonathan Azran 

Yonathan is Founder and CEO of HUGGA. He was diagnosed with acute Crohn's Disease at age 7 and spent most of his young life in and out of hospitals. He recognized the critical gap in hospital care and decided to launch HUGGA, thereby revolutionizing patient wear by focusing on the actual patient experience from the patient's point of view.


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