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HUGGA was created by a young patient who recognized a critical gap in hospital care when he was just a child.

I was diagnosed with acute Crohn’s Disease at age 7, and spent most of my young life in and out of hospitals. Everything from the sterile, impersonal environment to the uncomfortable, reusable gowns made recovery difficult. And while my body healed, my emotional life suffered. I craved real connection, but felt separate from the rest of the world, and alone.  

Ironically, I was not alone at all. So many patients of all ages feel exactly this way. 

I created HUGGA as a way for people to show their hospitalized loved ones just how much they care. To help those loved ones feel nurtured and connected with thoughtful, personal care packages that can be appreciated during their moments of need.  

To further help patients in need, a portion of our proceeds goes to organizations that assist those who need help paying their medical bills.



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