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5 Comfortable Clothes to Wear During Your Hospital Stay

With the many stresses a hospital stay can bring, struggling to get comfortable shouldn’t be one of them. To help you find comfort in your critical time of care and healing, here are five of the most comfortable clothes men and women can pack in a hospital bag for their upcoming stay.

1. Personal Hospital Gown

Reusable hospital gowns can quickly become a nuisance no patient should have to deal with when trying to recover. You can skip the frustration of a scratchy one-size-fits-all hospital gown with your very own surgical or labor and delivery gown from HUGGA.

As one of our most popular (and comfortable) maternity clothes and post-surgery apparel items, HUGGA’s antimicrobial gown features a double-sided zipper front, privacy-protecting snap enclosure back, and personalized waist tie for total coverage where and when you need it most. It’s no wonder this hospital gown is the first item on our list of comfortable clothes for men and women and one of Ten Perfect Gift Ideas for Someone in the Hospital.

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2. Ultra Cozy Fleece Beanie Hats

To prevent bacteria growth and control condensation, it’s not uncommon for hospitals to keep temperatures on the cooler side. While this makes sense for staving off superbugs, a cooler room can quickly turn a hospital stay of any length into a miserable one. That’s why one of the best, most comfortable clothing items for men and women alike is a cozy fleece beanie hat. 

As one of the Best Gifts to Give Chemo and Cancer Patients, HUGGA’s beanie hat for cancer patients offers the warmth and comfort any hospital patient can appreciate when calling a cold hospital room “home” for a while.


3. Plush Robes

    On that note, if you’re going to call a hospital room “home,” you might as well dress the part in a comfortable hospital robe. HUGGA’s Hotelish Robe makes a perfect layering piece morning, noon, and night for patients being whisked away for testing and therapy or as part of a comfortable maternity clothing set for new moms traveling back and forth to the nursery.


    4. Soft, Non-Slip Socks

      Great socks are a staple to any clothing ensemble during a hospital stay. However, they should also keep you safe, which is why HUGGA’s hospital grip socks are perfect. These plush, calf-length hospital socks give your feet and toes the warm hugs they deserve and the supportive silicone buttons you need to prevent slipping on the hospital’s cold tile floor.


      5. Non-Restrictive Shirts, Tops & Undergarments

        When shopping or packing for your hospital stay, comfortable clothes like non-restrictive tops and bottoms are a must. Some of the best comfortable clothes for women and men to have at the ready post-surgery or delivery are button-down tops and roomy, breathable bottoms.

        You’ll also want to be sure to pack undergarments that offer support without causing discomfort or pain. Things like unstructured bras for the ladies and boxer briefs for the men are good places to start.

        Give the Gift of Comfort with HUGGA Care Packages

        At HUGGA, we’re on a mission to deliver the most comfortable clothes for men and women to wear during their time of healing. Now, family members and friends can express their support with the useful hospital apparel found in our hospital care packages. Whether it’s for you or for someone you care about, HUGGA makes it simple to find the most comfortable clothes for men and the most comfortable maternity clothes for women who deserve to relax and recover in warm, well-fitting hospital wear. 

        Shop our entire selection of hospital apparel today to ensure your hospital bag is filled with the most comfortable clothes for your upcoming hospital stay.


        Yonathan Azran 

        Yonathan is Founder and CEO of HUGGA. He was diagnosed with acute Crohn's Disease at age 7 and spent most of his young life in and out of hospitals. He recognized the critical gap in hospital care and decided to launch HUGGA, thereby revolutionizing patient wear by focusing on the actual patient experience from the patient's point of view.


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